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Research Map

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Useful information for a search

  • Use English search terms only!
  • Only whole words are found.
    (Searching for "auto" will not find occurrences of "autonomous".)
  • Use + to render a term mandatory. (+robot)
  • Use - to exclude a term. (-robot)
  • Using multiple search terms returns results containing any of the terms or a combination of them.
  • Put the phrase in quotation marks to retrieve whole phrases ("self driving car")
  • To restrict results to a certain year use year:20xy
  • To increase the circles of results on the map use incr:x.
    (incr:3 scales the radius by 3)

Image of the research map

Field for search entries on the upper left side.

  • Enter full text search terms into the first line.
    See top of the page on how to apply +, -, "", incr:, year:"
  • Below the search field you find a list of search examples.

Visualisation of search results.

The size of the areas of the circles corresponds to the number of items found.

See the number of search results on the upper right side.

Depending on the search term used, a list of related search terms might be shown at the bottom left side. Click on the term to insert it into the search field.

Switch between list and map items.

Click on the magnifier in the left column for detailed information on each organisation.

Click on the statistics symbol for a chart showing the number of items, over the years.

You can also compare different trends to each other. Start from scratch by pressing "Reset".

Under the menu item "Statistics" you can find which search terms were used and their frequency.
"Trending Terms" graphically shows you search terms ranked by their popularity.