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Research Map

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Research Map

Funding of research is important to establish innovation. The basis for this is both, creativity and development work of researchers and the courage of enterprises to invest in research and development. Only the efficient cooperation of business and academic research facilities can make this happen.

To support this cooperation, the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) has initiated the Research Map for Digital Technologies. This map contains data about peer-reviewed publications in the field of digital technologies – whereby at least one author of the publication must be affiliated to an Austrian organisation. The approximately 14,000 recorded data sets of the survey period (2010 to 2018) are linked with about 1,400 persons. So now a systematic record of current Austrian research competencies in digital technologies is available. According to this map, approx. 680 institutions in more than 1,000 subunits (institutes, research groups, at various locations) do research work in this area in Austria.

It is the aim of the Research Map to show the potential of Austrian ICT research and to help to form interdisciplinary research teams necessary for the success of applied research. The publicly accessible Research Map makes it possible to search for specific information and to find out which Austrian organisations (universities, universities of applied science, nonuniversity facilities and similar) carry out which research work in which digital technology fields. Relevant Austrian trends and fields of strength can thus be analysed and illustrated . The Research Map gives the included organisations higher visibility for their competencies and references. Austrian and international researchers, enterprises and representatives of administration and media are considered the main user group.